My Testimony

Imagine waking up and not being able to roll over. It’s really weird.  I was about 4 and I awoke looking for my favorite toy in bed and could not roll to find him. After a few attempts I yelled for my mommy and she came to my room. She thought my legs were asleep and carried me to the living room since I was unable to walk. As the day went on I did not get the ability to walk back. My mom called our family doctor and he told her that he would meet us at the emergency room because something was very wrong. The doctor informed my parents that they had two choices. I could go by ambulance to a special children’s hospital or they could drive me since he had no idea what was wrong.

We arrived there and I was admitted. I have very vivid memories of all this but, I was not really aware of how serious it was. At this point my right arm was beginning to curl in and I was losing the ability to use it. It was determined that I was suffering from a rare flu that was attacking my spinal cord. The only other case they had seen in the country was an 18 year old boy in Texas who died from it. They told my parents that I would not live through the night.

But God is a god of healing. People were praying for me and miraculously awoke the next morning. When I woke up I told my mom I needed to use the bathroom. I walked, a bit like Frankenstein, to the bathroom by myself.  I went from being paralyzed from the waist down and having no movement in my arm to being completed healed. I should have died. I should have not gained function back in the limbs that were parlayed. But I walk perfectly. I went on to be a dancer. I have no side effects from being paralyzed.  So don’t tell me that miracles are just for ancient bible times.

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