About Me

Welcome to my spiritual journey. Here you will find my take on my own walk with God, my prayer journal, and some quirky devotions. Looking for a place to start try my list of favorite posts in the categories or click Here.

I am a 22 year old business administration major with an emphasis in management and a minor in religion.I am obsessed with Disney and try to go to WDW as much as I can. A lot of my posts have a strong dose of Disney in them. If you want to know why I am so obsessed with Disney click Here.

I have a younger sister who is my heart. She is one of the smartest people I know and I truly can not wait to see how incredible her life is going to be.

me and Pme and p part 3

You can find her blog Here. She has written a guest post for me and you can read it’s brilliance Here.

I started blogging after I began experiencing God doing some work on my heart. I grew up in a “perfect” Christian family but, after going through a rough time in my life I had become passive in my walk with God. He used a dream to help me see how far I had fallen and what I was allowing into my life. (If you want to read that post click Here)

Since that time I have been trying my hardest to seek Him with everything I have and while I am far from perfect I strive to always be honest. If you are looking for an example of a struggling follower of Christ you have found one.

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